Frequently Asked Questions

• Will I lose control during or after listening to the CD?
  • Absolutely not! You will always remain in control. You will be aware of your surroundings, including hearing conversations and knowing what is going on around you. You will not do anything you wouldn’t want to do in a fully awakened state. You can become fully awake and alert any time you wish, simply by opening your eyes. A side benefit of the recording is that with Joseph’s soothing voice and background music, and the relaxation suggestions contained within, you may drift into a restful sleep while listening.
• Is the recording effective if I fall asleep during listening?
  • The short answer is yes. As mentioned above, it is common to drift into a relaxing sleep during listening, especially if an individual listens to the recording at bedtime. However, your unconscious mind is still paying attention while you’re asleep and will absorb the positive suggestions and transform them into reality. The recording is most effective if you listen to it during the day as well. That way both your conscious and unconscious mind will work toward your desired outcome.
• Will I make changes in my life if subconsciously I don't really want to change?
  • No. Your self-talk and beliefs are what will ultimately rule. You need to have the strong desire to change on both a conscious and unconscious level. The suggestions and affirmations contained on these recordings have been carefully designed to strengthen your determination and awaken the resources you already possess; to convince both your conscious and unconscious mind to make the changes you desire.
• When are the best times to listen to the recordings?
  • For the best results I recommend meditating while listening to the recording daily, for at least 30 days. Try rotating listening times so that you meditate both during the day and at your scheduled bedtime. Even if you happen to drift into a restful sleep during a guided meditation session, your unconscious mind will respond to the positive suggestions and affirmations on the recording as it manifests change from the inside out.
• How should I prepare for listening?
    1. Turn off phones, pagers, or anything that may cause a distraction during your 30 minute meditation.
    2. Find a comfortable place where you won't be disturbed, and either sit or lay down. Make sure your clothing is comfortable.
    3. Close your eyes normally and naturally.
    4. Take in slow deep breaths through your nose, hold them for a mental count of two, then exhale all your air through your mouth...and relax. Continue this pattern of breathing until the guided journey begins, then breath normally. If you become light headed, simply return to your normal breathing pattern.
    5. Relax your muscles and allow your mind to quiet any thoughts not related to the recording.
    6. If there is anything contained on the recording that does not apply to you, merely ignore it or replace it with information that does apply.
• Will you make a custom recording for an issue you don't currently have a title for?
  • I plan to make additional recordings, but it would depend on the title you want. If it is for a title I was intending to record, I may re-prioritize the recording of my new titles. It is worth contacting me by e-mail or phone at 1-360-600-0817 to make the request.