About Guided Meditation and Imagery

Meditation takes many forms. It is practiced to enhance the connection between one's mind, body, and spirit, as well as enhancing a universal connection. In the non-guided form of meditation, an individual enters a relaxed state and empties his/her mind of clutter. Then either focuses on a particular pre-selected thought, or contemplates thoughts as they enter the individual's consciousness. With this form of mediation there may not be a specific outcome in mind. It is a state of being and consciousness.

Another form of meditation is a guided meditation. In this form, an external influence such as another person, or a recording, will lead you on a journey in your mind. This safe journey will incorporates imagery (visualization), positive suggestions, and affirmations to evoke specific desired changes from the inside out. Guided meditations and imagery can have profound positive effects on reshaping both internal and external realities.

How It Works

Generally speaking, your brain generates waves of electrical energy. Scientists have categorized these brain waves into four groups based on the speed of the waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. When your brain waves are resonating at certain levels, your unconscious mind is more susceptible to suggestions and affirmations.


These waves are associated with being fully awake and alert. Your brain is focusing on the world outside and dealing with specific concrete problems. These waves resonate at a speed of 13-38 cycles per second (Hz).


These are slower waves resonating at a 8-14 cycles per second. They are seen in a relaxed wakefulness. In other words, your brain is alert but unfocused. You are relaxed yet aware of your body and surroundings. This is a level of consciousness often experienced during meditation and/or hypnosis. However, it is the next level (Theta) which is the most effective for self-programming.


This level occurs when the brain waves are even slower (4-7 Hz). The theta level of consciousness is normally associated with a deep meditation or a light sleep. At this level your mind is more creative and you have easier access to unconscious material such as childhood memories, sudden insights, etc. This is a desired level of consciousness for self-programming, self healing, or accelerated learning. Guided meditation recordings normally help individuals achieve Alpha and Theta states of consciousness.


These brain waves resonate in a range from 1/2 to 4 cycles per second (Hz). Delta rhythms are present when someone is deeply asleep or unconscious. There are no mental images, and no awareness of the physical body.

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