Fear of Success - CD

Fear of Success

Price: $16.95

CD Description: Remove barriers and achieve your goals. Using unconscious suggestion, guided imagery, meditation, neur-linguistic programming (NLP), and self hypnosis, this powerful CD will help you to eliminate fears and self-imposed obstacles while visualizing and affirming your ability to succeed.

Helps With: Goal Setting, Achieving Goals, Improving Self Confidence, Increasing the Determination to Succeed, Eliminating Unfounded Fears to Achieving Success and Happiness, Personal Growth.

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A Word from Joe: "It sounds odd to hear someone talk about the concept of fear of success, but having a fear of success is not only real, it’s more common than people think. Many people have a fear of success and don’t even know it consciously. They have the skills and talents they need, as well as positive intentions. They just get to a certain point and hit a wall, sabotaging potential success in areas such as relationships, job, career, financial abundance, and even achieving good health. You are on this earth for a reason, and it’s time to get rid of self limiting thoughts and behaviors so you can realize your potential, and accomplish your goals."

— Joe Agosta