Fear of Success - CD


Price: $16.95

CD Description: Learn to manage emotional and physical barriers to rest through the power of unconscious suggestion using guided imagery, meditation and self hypnosis. This CD will help you release, relax, and let go of stress while moving toward physical and emotional balance.

Helps With: Sleep Disorder, Sleep Deprivation, Physical Health, Mental Health, Relaxation.

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A Word from Joe: "Many people take a restful night’s sleep for granted, but did you know that about 50% of our population has difficulty sleeping? There are scores of reasons why people have trouble falling asleep. Some involve physical imbalances within the body. Others result from external factors, such as noise. There are also emotional and psychological aspects contributing to insomnia, such as the burden of stress, or the inability to unwind and let go. This program addresses steps you can take on both a conscious level and unconscious level to help you sleep. This recording utilizes relaxation and guided imagery techniques to initiate positive change and total relaxation from within."

— Joe Agosta