Fear of Success - CD

Release Guilt

Price: $16.95

CD Description: Shed the burdens of your past through the power of unconscious suggestion. Using guided imagery, meditation and self hypnosis. This CD will empower you to forgive yourself and others, and experience healthy relationships.

Helps With: Emotional Stability, Guilt Release, Letting Go of the Past, Self-Confidence, Forgiveness.

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A Word from Joe: "We have all done things during our life that we regret. We are human and we make mistakes. However, there is a difference between regret and guilt. Regret allows you to learn from your perceived mistakes and move on. Guilt, on the other hand, forces you to hold onto the past. Your guilt can not only result in a myriad of emotional and physical problems for you, it can also negatively affect those you come in contact with, especially the ones you love. It is time to release your guilt, forgive yourself, and others, and move forward in life in a productive way."

— Joe Agosta