Fear of Success - CD

Relief From Pain

Price: $16.95

CD Description: This Audio CD will assist you in overcoming pain and discomfort. Through the power of unconscious suggestion, using guided imagery, meditation, and self hypnosis, you can learn techniques of pain tolerance that can help reduce and often eliminate pain and discomfort.

Helps With: Pain Relief, Self-Esteem, Pain Management, Reducing Discomfort.

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A Word from Joe: "Although this may sound odd, pain is actually an important friend. It’s important because it lets you know that something in your body is not the way it should be. Your mind is an amazing gift that you can train to block out pain and discomfort. This recording does not replace medical evaluation and treatment. However, if you have already sought medical evaluation and treatment and continue to experience pain, this recording can help you reduce, tolerate, and in many cases eliminate your discomfort."

— Joe Agosta