Fear of Success - CD

Stop Smoking

Price: $16.95

CD Description: Through the power of unconscious suggestion, you can combat cravings and reinforce your willpower to help you quit smoking.

Helps With: Smoking cessation, cigarette cravings, self control and willpower - Quit Smoking and become smoke free once and for all!

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A Word from Joe: "I’m a reformed smoker who shed the cigarette habit over 23 years ago. Becoming “smoke-free” was among the greatest accomplishments of my life. I have to admit, my willpower was never good, and if I can do it, you can too! This CD recording utilizes positive suggestion and self-affirmation, as well as guided imagery to strengthen your determination to be “smoke-free.” Together we call upon resources you already possess to reduce and eliminate cravings and make the process easier. The mind is a wonderful gift."

— Joe Agosta