I often receive "Thank You" cards and phone calls about the content and effectiveness of the CDs on this website. Here are a few examples:

"Thank you very much. I have listened to many different types of self-hypnosis CD's for many years - and even before CD's were available - on tapes. I have found that your CD's are the ones that I enjoy the most. Thanks."
- C.A.

"Your Let go of the Past CD really helped me a lot. I was finally able to address and let go of longstanding issues from my past... I was surprised at what issues came up. Your techniques are state of the art and much better than others I've experienced."
- N.K.

"I've had chronic pain for years and have been seeing a doctor for it. I listened to your Relief from Pain CD twice and my pain completely disappeared. Your CDs should sell like hotcakes."

"I love your work!!... This is your gift. Don't ever stop using it. Thank you so much - it has really helped me. Your CDs are awesome, Joe"

"...I listened to your Self Confidence CD for 30 days and it really worked. A number of people at work commented on my increased confidence level. They didn't know I was listening to your CD and they have never said anything like that to me before"

"...Your voice is very soothing. It's perfect for this type of CD"

"Great selection in music!! It helps me relax"

"...WOW...Very Impressive"

I hope you have a similar experience to those above. If you have comments, good or bad, I would love to hear them. Feel free to send me a note or call me at (360) 600-0817.